Phonics & Reading Literacy

Ages: 3.5 to 8 years old

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HOUGANG @ Midtown   PUNGGOL Central   

formerly @ Compassvale Bow, Sengkang 


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Free Phonics Assessment               

1 month trial

Helping Your Child Learn To Read

We use the Systematic Phonics Approach in our English Phonics Reading with Speech and Writing Enrichment classes, to guide Preschool children in Nursery, K1 & K2  including Primary 1 & 2 students, to learn to read without tears. 

In addition to our proven teaching methods, we keep the group size small to  a maximum of 5-8 to ensure that each and every child can develop in his or her own way without being left behind.


Call or WhatsApp LITTLE READERS81385397 (Hougang, The Midtown branch) or 

Teacher Mary Cate @ 97279130 (Punggol) to schedule a FREE (ONLINE) assessment!

Read below for more information about our Phonics Reading & Literacy Programme outline & fees.

Course Details                                   1 month trial  
Class Size:                 5-8 students 
Class Duration:        1.5  hours / once a week

Fee Payment:          Termly, 11 lessons ($418)

Course Fees:             $38 per lesson

Deposit:                      $100 (refundable upon 1 month's notice)

Registration Fee:     $20

1. Please approach our Centre Manager for term dates
2. A maximum of 2 make-up classes allowed each term.
3. Punggol Central: No registration fee. Monthly fees & the deposit of 1 month's  fees.
ONLINE CLASSES (all areas)
Class Size:            3-6 students  
Class Duration:   1.5 hours / once a week

Weekday:              $25 per lesson

Weekend:              $30 per lesson  

Deposit:                 1 month's  fees (refundable upon 1 month's notice)

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Beginner Reader: Short Vowels - CVC


Ages: 4 to 6 years old       Reading Ability: Nil                              Duration: 3 to 12 months


Phonics & Reading 

Phonological Awareness

Sound Discrimination

The Alphabet - Letter

& Sound Recognition

First & Last Letter Sounds

CVC: Stretching & Blending

Middle Sounds: a e i o u oo

Training & Sight Words

Sentence Practice

Speech & Writing Skills 




Handwriting Skills

Written Blend

Vocabulary Building

Oral Skills & Speech Skills

Vocal Expression


Intermediate Reader: Short Vowels Digraphs + Blends  


Ages: 5 to 7 years old        Reading Ability: 3-letter CVC words          Duration: 6 to 9 months

Phonics & Reading 

Blending & Stretching Digraphs :

ch sh th wh ck nk ng etc.

Consonant Blends (CVCC, CCVC):

bl sl cr gr pr tr sk sp sw etc.

Training & Sight Words

Sentence Practice

Short Story Practice

Reader Book

Speech & Writing Skills 

Pronunciation & Diction

Spelling & Dictation

Vocabulary Building

Sentence Construction

Oral & Speech Skills

Basic Reading Comprehension

Basic Creative Writing

Advanced  Reader: Basic Long Vowels + R-Controlled + Diphthongs  

Ages: 5 & up           Duration: 6 months                              Reading Level: Digraphs (CVC) + Blends (CVCC + CCVC)         

Phonics & Reading 

Long Vowels: a e i o u oo

R-Controlled Long Vowels:

ar or er ir ur

Diphthongs Long vowels:

oo ou oi oy ow au aw eu              

Training Words                                

Sentence Practice

Story Practice & Reader Book

Speech & Writing Skills 

Pronunciation & Diction

Spelling & Dictation

Vocabulary Building

Oral & Speech Skills

Vocal Expression

Listening Skills

Basic Creative Writing Skills

Reading Comprehension

phonics & reading

Note: The duration of the course will vary according to the age and ability of the student.

CV = Consonant Vowel

At the end of each term, parents will receive a Progress Report to monitor their child's progress.

Reading Aloud Presentation is held once a term in March, June, September and December.

Students will read a book of their level to their peers and parents in the last 15 minutes of the class.

This helps build confidence and encourage public speaking.