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Parent's Reviews

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Kavin's Mother (2014)

Phonics and Reading Programme

A special thanks to LITTLE READERS and Teacher Anna …

Today Kavin is able to read a story book in front of a class with students and parents.

Being his reading class in less than six months and he did an excellent job in his reading today. Once again my husband and myself thank Little Readers, Teachers Anna & Simone, & Principal Mary! Kavin loves you all.

Review & Testimonial - Kavin
Gerlyn's Mother (2015)
Playgroup & Pre-Nursery Programme
Dear Principal Mary… Thank you for making Gerlyn so comfortable when attending classes at your centre. It has been tough but you and your teachers persisted and succeeded! May you continue to inspire more teachers who are as passionate as you and bring smiles   to many more little ones!
Best wishes Gerlyn & Mummy
Gerlyn's card
Review & Testimonial - Gerlyn
Dennison's Mother (2015)
Playgroup & Pre-Nursery Programme
A big thank you to all the teachers @ Genius Tots for the great coaching & transforming Dennison into “a little genius”! Special thanks to teacher Jane for the parting gift. Dennison loves it!
~Kelly Teo~
Review & Testimonial - Dennison
Darshini's Mother (2013)
Phonics and Reading Programme
LITTLE READERS really makes it happen! My daughter could speak English very fluently at the age of 4. She was with Little Readers & Genius Tots family since she was in K1. Now she is in Primary 3 and can write 300 words in her Creative Writing on her own… It’s all because I started her @ Little Readers early.
Thank you so much Little Readers & Genius Tots and may you shine higher!!!
~Ratika Manyam~
Review & Testimonial -Darshini
Yu Heng's Mother (2012)
Phonics and Reading Programme
Being able to read is the most important skill children will learn during their early schooling. In order to achieve the goal of reading, high quality phonics is essential. As a young mother, I am so glad that LITTLE READERS was recommended to me by my friend. My boy was able to read simple story books by himself after he had attended the Phonics classes. Hence I would like to thank LITTLE READERS, especially Principal Mary and her team, for doing such a wonderful job in guiding my little boy.​
Review & Testimonial - YuHeng
Ace's Mother (2012)
Phonics and Reading Programme
The phonics lessons paid off! Stumbled upon this (pic of paper with writing) and realised that it was written by Ace who usually doesn’t show much interest in writing. ~Audrey Wu~
Review & Testimonial - Ace's work
Xavier's Mother (2012)
Speech & Drama Programme
Xavier loves to act out what he has learnt in class. He is more confident now and looks forward to each lesson. ~Jaye~
Review & Testimonial -Xavier
Lim En Jia's Mother (2012)
Phonics and Reading Programme
My daughter has improved after joining the Phonics & Reading class at Little Readers.
I am happy that she has started to show interest in reading. ~Chai Choo~
Review & Testimonial - Lim En Jia
Pranshu's Mother (2013)
Playgroup & Pre-Nursery Programme
The theoritical as well as the practical implementation of the new and important things in accordance to me has given him a life time lash which he will never forget. ~Priti~
Review & Testimonial - Pranshu
Kejing's Mother (2012)
Phonics and Reading Programme
My daughter learnt a lot and improved in her speech & reading. ~Lin~
Review & Testimonial - Ke Jing
Arush's Mother (2013)
Playgroup & Pre-Nursery Programme
Genius Tots has interesting activities that keep kids involved. I have seen my son grow in the last few months. He has learnt so many things that surprises us. The staff and teachers are so sensitive towards the kids. Something that is hard to find in most of the other schools. ~Pooja~
Review & Testimonial - Arush
Rachel's Mother (2013)
Playgroup & Pre-Nursery Programme
Rachel enjoys the time spent in class and returns home with either a nice mini project or a worksheet after each class. She loves the catchy phonics songs learnt in class and often sings to me. I’m glad that she is enjoying herself as she learns. ~Jaye~
Review & Testimonial - Rachel
Irfan's Mother (2013)
Phonics and Reading Programme
Glad to know he is making good progress..I’m proud of you, my little man!
Great job Little Readers!!!
~Leena Sobri~
Review & Testimonial - Irfan's report
Byronn & Bernice's Parents (2013)
Phonics and Reading Programme
Byronn & Bernice have improved tremendously when they started attending Phonics & Reading classes at Little Readers. Byronn is able to read confidently and does well for his spelling in school. All thanks to the Principal Mary, and the teachers who are patient and dedicated.
Review & Testimonial - Byronn & Bernice
Kayden & Jayden's Mother (2013)
Phonics and Reading Programme
Teacher Mary & the team at LITTLE READERS
Thank you all for your wonderful effort and help in inculcating Kayden & Jayden to be good readers! Your effort is greatly appreciated. All the best to the teachers and cheers to LITTLE READERS for more good years as a centre. <3 Kayden & Jayden
Kayden & Jayden's card
Review & Testimonial - Kayden & Jayden's gift
Arshan's Mother (2012)
Phonics and Reading Programme
Thanks for the wonderful first class. It was an interesting experience for Arshan. Looking forward to our next class! C u next week. ~Dilshad Kaur~
Review & Testimonial - Arshan
Anika's Parents (2017)
Playgroup & Pre-Nursery Programme
Dear Genius Tots!  Thank you for being the very first school for my daughter, Anika, to attend. The teachers here are very kind and patient with the students. We would like to express our gratitude to teachers Amelia, Ange, Eunice and Diana. We wish the school all the best ~Sarjit & Min Hang~
Review & Testimonial - Anika's card
Review & Testimonial - Anika's card
Alexa's  Mother (2017)
Playgroup & Pre-Nursery Programme
To teachers:  Fiona Ange Kerissa Eunice & Michelle Thanks for helping me grow & learn!  Love & Kisses ~Alexa & Mum~
Review & Testimonial - Alexa's card
Cassius' Parents (2017)
Playgroup & Pre-Nursery Programme
A very BIG thank you to all Genius Tots teachers who have taught our son, Cassius, during his Pre-Nursery days at Genius Tots from Jul to Dec 2017. We are delighted to know that he enjoyed his daily classes a lot. :) Special thanks to Teachers Diana and Eunice who have helped him to adjust quickly to his new class environment. Once again, thanks! From parents of Cassius Ong. :)
Review & Testimonial - Cassius
JC's Parents (2015)
Playgroup & Pre-Nursery Programme
Dear Genius Tots
Thank you for being a part of JC's early development stage. We remember how scared and shy she was on her first day. And now she's a vibrant and sociable 2 year old toddler. Many thanks  & more power! ~Jenn & Charlie~
Review & Testimonial - JC's card
Review & Testimonial - JC's card
Review & Testimonial - JC
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